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Protecting My Business In Divorce

Many spouses are apprehensive about the divorce process because either they themselves or their spouse owns a business. Dealing with a business or businesses in a divorce can create unique issues that require an attorney with experience in handling divorces involving businesses. Businesses can be added as a party to a divorce case and require an attorney be hired to represent the business itself. It is also routine that business records, ledgers, profit and loss statements, and account statements will be requested, and scrutinized, to determine if a party is hiding assets or debts in their business. The attorneys at The Nigh Law Group have handled matters involving business both big and small and have experience representing business owners and their spouses.

A divorce case involving a business can be challenging in that one or both parties want, and often need, the business to continue operating in order to pay their ongoing financial obligations. It is important to ensure that a business can maintain profitability while one or both of the key members are engaged in litigation.

If a business is going to be sold or its value considered in a divorce a business valuation is conducted. Our experienced attorneys work side-by-side with accountants to determine the value of a business and the ramifications the litigation can have on the business, both present and future. Knowing you can trust your attorney and their experience is always important for both you individually and for your business.